Thoughtful Thursday: The Earth Needs Courageous People!


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“I Stand Here for the Earth”

As posted on Voices of the Sacred and suggested here on this blog many times with respect to the Farming for the Future Network:

We want to heal our communities….lets start by healing ourselves! We want to take care of our families and relatives…lets start by taking care of ourselves. We want our communities healthy…lets start by getting ourselves healthy.

“I represent clean air.  I realize we’ll probably never have clean air anymore.  But we still have to do what we can for our children.  It makes you cry, when you think about our kids.”
(Elouise Brown, Navajo, Chaco Rio, New Mexico)

“I stand here for the Earth, for our people, for my family back home….  It’s really heavy stuff that we’re working on.  But it’s also empowering.” (Krystal Two Bulls, Voices of the Sacred, Albuquerque, New Mexico)

“There’s a war against humanity going on.  And if it wasn’t for resistance, we wouldn’t be here.  These corporations are raping the land, they’re raping our Mother.  To come together like this, to stand together, means a lot.

We come together for our Mother, for our life, in solidarity.  And we will never be silenced.  We will be heard.” (Sheldon Tenorio, Voices of the Sacred, Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Sheldon Tenorio and Krystal Two Bulls of Voices of the Sacred

“Now is the time.  This is the place.  No more deferrals, no more silence. Let’s wake up.  And listen.” (These are the powerful words of John Foran, in his blog The Power of Indigenous Activists at the Summit of the Climate Justice Movement, originally published here by

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What Does it Take for the Future of Farming to Emerge?

On tour in search of the answers!

Mapletons Organic

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Thoughtful Thursday: Can Land Have a Voice?

RSF summer 16

Some very relevant articles in the Summer ’16 issue of RSF Quarterly.

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Thoughtful Thursday: Insane for the Miracle of Life

Is this what it means to reclaim the miracle of life?

And so long as you haven’t experienced this:
to die and so to grow,
you are only a troubled guest
on this dark earth. ~ Goethe

likening to a moth, “insane for the light,” drawn toward the flames of a candle ….


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Thoughtful Thursday: A New Chapter of Agricultural Practice

Let us stand in front of this new knowledge (our collective enlightenment that we are all experiencing due to the extraordinary unfolding revelations about the soil microbiome) with a sense of reverence and inquiry, as this will assist our strivings to increase the depth and complexity of that thin film of organic life which clothes our home, planet Earth, and upon which the sustainability of most human nutrition will ultimately depend.

by Patrick Holden, originally published by Sustainable Food Trust

Boettcher Family Farm

Boettcher Family Farm

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Wordless Wednesday: Top Environmental Problem – Us


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