A Master’s Degree in Agriculture 3.0! j/k

Well, not quite, but this exciting new program covers an important component of what defines Ag3.0.

The School of Life Sciences at the Arizona State University is offering a master’s program in biomimicry through a combination of online learning and a portfolio culminating experience. This MS in biomimicry is designed to prepare students to facilitate the practice of biomimicry across corporate, government, education and non-government organization sectors.biomimicry book image

Biomimicry is about mimicking nature’s strategies for human design— because if any organism or organization is proof of sustainability, it is Mother Earth.

Find out more about biomimicry here. The book Biomimicry by Janine Benyus is an excellent read.

And yes! If I could, I would be signing up now for the fall …


About Kaytlyn Dale

#nuffield13 scholar passionate about sacred agriculture and holding space for transforming ourselves so that we can help regenerate the land, soil, Earth and our food system. Pursuing an MA that brings spirituality and agriculture together in the conversation.
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