It’s Official: My Nuffield Report has been published

Thank you Nuffield International for tweeting! “Great reports from @NuffieldCanada 2013 scholars @gumbootgourmet, @blake_vince & @ClaytonRobins have just been uploaded – must reads!”

“For Canadian agriculture to contribute to a healthy world, we need to go ‘back to basics’, with a revised farm enterprise mission statement of ‘Nourishing Communities’, instead of feeding the world.“ – Gayl Creutzberg

Now, I am building so that I can upload all the components of this report. This will take some time. There is lots more to this work and lots more to be done.

Next steps are already in action. It’s exciting to see what can happen when we put all our thoughts in one place and put it out there! I am grateful for having been given this time and opportunity.

Note: Since publication of this report, the Farming for a Future Network (FFFN) has formed (details in this post where there is a newsletter subscription link if you would like to be informed).

Agriculture 3.0


About Kaytlyn Dale

#nuffield13 scholar passionate about sacred agriculture and holding space for transforming ourselves so that we can help regenerate the land, soil, Earth and our food system. Pursuing an MA that brings spirituality and agriculture together in the conversation.
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One Response to It’s Official: My Nuffield Report has been published

  1. Bruce SKILLEN says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! A moment to be proud of…well done.

    Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the Bell network.

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