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The new farm economics of today is about making enough profit to meet the material requisites for a desirable quality of life while building healthy relationships within farm families and with employees, customers, neighbors, and society. The new farm economics is about taking care of the land, caring for farm animals, and being good stewards of nature while meeting the agricultural needs of human society. The new farm economics treats farming as a business, but more importantly, as a way of life. (John Ikerd)

The Importance Of Showing Up

Maintaining friendships, much less forging new ones, is a question of choices. The choice to make the call, send the note, mark the calendar, reserve the time, follow-up, ask the questions, remember the answers. Over and over and over again. … Continue reading

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Trusting Emergence and a Call to save our Barns and Dams!

Round and round and round she goes and where she stops, nobody knows! It’s been awhile since I have posted anything here. Unfinished blogs rest in my files, as do my thoughts about a life changing year 1 of a … Continue reading

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More darkness? or Can we be the change?

I borrow this from the conclusion of a blog at In this blog, John Michael Greer reviews the predictions he made for 2016, also alerting us to the fact that air temperatures over the Arctic ice cap are 50°F … Continue reading

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Maybe Earth is Paradise

The below is a re-post from Genesis Farm, but first I want to share a 1 minute youtube that came out the day I did a presentation about how we need to apply the principles of therapeutic relationship and spiritual … Continue reading

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Brokenness: “That’s How the Light Gets In”

With the passing of Leonard Cohen and the surge of discussions on-line about the brokenness of humanity, I remind myself and thank Leonard, that “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in” from Anthem (click to … Continue reading

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A Moment Of Reckoning For Men

Originally posted on In A Spacious Place:
The possibility cannot be ignored. It seems increasingly clear that much of the opposition to Hillary Clinton becoming president of the United States of America stems from unresolved anxiety, fear, and insecurity on…

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Wordless Wednesday: We Can Be the Change

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